Privacy Policy concerning Karmarunner


Applicable from April 2017

  1. General

1.1 Our privacy policy describes what personal information (hereinafter “Personal- Information”) we collect online and offline, and how we use and share this information.

1.2 We recommend you to review our privacy policy. If you have questions about the way we treat or protect your Personal Information, please contact us.


  1. Information we collect

2.1 Karma Runner collects information to operate our business and provide you with the opportunity to donate to charity through fitness activities. We collect both Personal Information and Other Information for this purpose.

2.2 “Personal Information” is information that can be used directly or indirectly, alone or with other information to identify you as an individual user.

2.3 “Other Information” is information that is anonymous, aggregated, non-identified, or otherwise does not reveal your identity. Some examples could be age, gender, browser or operating system or time spent on our App. We collect and use this information to understand how you and our community as a whole, are using our App. When using a mobile device, we also collect and use your Apple Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) and the Google Advertising ID (AAID) to recognize your device and support commercial activities on our App. These figures are not permanently tied to your device and, depending on your operating system, you can reset them through your device’s settings.

2.4 In general, we do not see “Other information” as “Personal information”. If we link Other information in such a way that make them individually identifiable, however, we will treat the combined information as Personal information.

2.5 We collect Personal Information in the following ways:

  • When you create an account with KarmaRunner, we collect your name, gender, username and password, email address, date of birth, profile picture from the Social Network service, time zone and location (eg. Land). We may also collect your ZIP code, contact number and information about your mobile device (eg. The name of your carrier and device ID). In addition, we may collect certain demographic information under registration, to tailor our App for your needs.
  • When using or interacting with our app, we collect Personal Information such as Performance Data and Location Data.

2.6 Performance data: We collect your performance data to help you track your fitness goals and progress, and to help us run our business. We collect performance data in different ways:

  • When you manually add data in our App,
  • When you use the features of the app that is designed to collect data (such as Location Data when using a route planner)
  • when we calculate additional information from the Performance data you have previously provided (such as when we analyze performance over time).

2.7 Here are some examples of performance data we collect:

  • Data on athletic performance, such as time spent on an activity rate, speed, distance and cadence.

2.8 Location Data: We cancollect precise location data as part of the functionality of our App. We collect location data through our App so that we can provide you with certain location-based services (such as route tracking), advertisements that are relevant to your location, and do analysis to improve our App. We collect location data in several ways:

  • from your carrier, and
  • directly from the device you are using our App from.

2.9 The way to collect location data varies depending on your mobiles control system. We do not collect any Location Data unless you have “allowed” the collection of these. If you refuse to grant permission for the collection of location data in the app, we will not collect your Location Data unless you manually type them in. If we do not have permission to collect location data, you will not be able to use the Karmarunners donation option, as we can not track your performance during your activity.

2.10 Other information: We may collect other information about your use of our App. This includes for example your device type, carrier, control system, date and time of access, as well as URL links and on Internet sites, as well as transaction data about the activities you undertake and the way you interact with our App. This could be what data that is shown, is pressed on or shared, clickstream patterns, and the amount of time spent on each site or page, and searches you may do on our App.

2.11 When you connect to us through social media we can collect the account or profile information.

2.12 You can choose to activate, login or in our App through various social media or social networking services such as Facebook ( “Social Networking Services”). When you connect using your Social networking service accounts, we may collect Personal Information that you have provided to the Social Network Service. For example, when you log in with your Facebook information, we may with your consent collect personal information from your Facebook profile which are allowed under Facebook’s terms of use, such as your email address, profile photo, or buddy list. If you do not want to give us the information, you need to change the privacy settings on your Social Network Service Account. For more information, please review the privacy policies and terms of use for your Social Network Service Account, which regulates how the account

information is collected and shared with us.

  1. How we use Personal Information

3.1 Karma Runner use the data we collect to operate our business and improve our App and its features, including improving existing features and develop new features. We also use your Personal Information to communicate with you, and to deliver announcements that may be relevant for you.

3.2 We use Personal Information and Other Information to help us with advertising and marketing campaigns to give you information about the products and features that we believe are most relevant to you and to enable us to measure how successful our marketing activities.

  1. How we handle Personal Information

4.1 Karma Runner will only disclose your Personal Information with your knowledge and as stated in this Privacy Policy, or as indicated at the time of collection. This includes information that allows us to fulfill our obligations to you and operate our business. We only share your personal information with third parties in certain individual cases, specifically with your consent, or as necessary to complete a transaction or deliver a product, a service or function that you have requested.

4.2 Personal information collected through our App can be used or disclosed to third parties to enable us to deliver services.

4.3 Any information you write or publish in our community forums (eg, Facebook) is public. We can not control the use of information revealed in community forums such as message boards, blogs, chat rooms, and networking features in mobile applications. Use caution when giving away information in these public places, and be careful about what personal information you reveal, and how to reveal them. Content posted on our community forums, including advice and opinions, represents the views of the individuals who posts content, and such individuals alone and exclusively accountable for what they have shared. Karma Runner does not necessarily agree in- or approves, confirms or agrees with any content posted on our Community forums.

4.4 We may be forced to disclose your Personal Information if: (i) it is reasonably necessary to comply with legal process (such as a court order, subpoena, search warrant, etc.) Or other legal requirements of any governmental authority, (ii) such a disclosure would potentially mitigate our liability in an actual or potential lawsuit, (iii) it is necessary to protect our legal rights or property, or (iv) it is necessary to protect the legal rights or property or others’ physical safety, or for the prevention or the discovery of crime and such a transfer is lawful.

  1. Information Security

5.1 Karma Runner is committed to protecting the security of your Personal Information. We use technical and organizational measures designed to protect your information from unauthorized access, theft and loss. We also recommend that you take additional steps to protect yourself and your information, such as installing anti-virus software, close the browser after use, keep your login information and passwords secret and make sure you regularly update the software and apps you’ve downloaded , to make sure that you have enabled the latest security features on your devices.

  1. Storage of Data

6.1 Karma Runner keeps your Personal Information as long as you holds an account, or as long as is necessary to deliver our App for you. We keep and also use your Personal Information as necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

  1. How we use data collection tools and online advertising

7.1 Karma Runner uses cookies and other data collection tools to collect data that helps us to personalize your use of our App.

7.2 “Cookies” are data files stored in your browser when you interact with a website. These data files allow the page to retrieve important information about your visit and help improve your experience.

7.3 We use cookies to gather information on what device and browser you are using to browse our pages so we can optimize your access and continuously improve functionality. We also use cookies to track your movements. We keep statistics on visitors to help us continuously improve the way we deliver our online content.

  1. Manage your privacy settings

8.1 You can alter what information Karmarunner receives through Facebook[]

  1. Opting out of cookies and interest-based ads

9.1 As a user of our App, you have a number of ways you can communicate your privacy preferences to us. a. Set your browser to reject cookies if you do not want cookies. You can set your computer to (a) warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or (b) disable all cookies (other than Flash cookies) through your browser. b. Opt out of interest-based advertising on your mobile On most mobile devices, you can control the interest-based ads you see in two different ways: (1) By changing the privacy settings on the device itself, and (2) by changing the privacy settings on your browser.

  1. Set your communication preferences

10.1 We respect your communication preferences and has created a number of methods you can use to control how the Karma Runner app communicate with you:

10.2 E-mail communication: You can stop receiving promotional email communications from us by following our instructions on how to cancel email communication.

10.3 Push messages: With your permission, Karma Runner use push notifications to notify you of new messages or events even when you’re not actively using the app. You can control what type of push notifications you receive from Karma Runner by changing the settings for the app.

  1. Manage your location services

11.1 Most mobile devices allow users to turn off location services off. By turn location services off, makes you impossible for us to collect your location data (by virtue of the location of your mobile device) when using our app, and can affect the operation of a service. For example, it is not possible to trace or save exercise routes. These settings are most likely located in your device’s settings menu. If you have questions about how to turn on your device’s location service, we recommend that you contact your carrier or manufacturer of your device.

11.2 We may collect precise location data as part of the functionality of our Service. For example, if you want to map your cycling route in our application and you have enabled geolocation tracking, we will collect your Location Data as you cycle along the route and produce a map for you. We collect Location Data through the Services so we can offer you certain location-based services (like route tracking described above), provide advertisements that are relevant to your geographic location, and conduct analytics to improve the Services.

We collect Location Data in several ways:

from your wireless carrier,
through a wearable or other device you have connected (for example, wirelessly) to our Services, and
directly from the device on which you use our Services.
The way in which we collect Location Data is different depending on whether you are accessing the Services through a website or a mobile application. The collection of your Location Data may occur even when our Services are not actively open and running.

If you are accessing the Services through one of our mobile applications, the way we collect Location Data will differ depending on your mobile device’s operating system. In all events, we do not collect Location Data, unless you have “allowed” its collection. If you decline to allow Location Data collection in the app, we will not collect your Location Data unless you manually enter it in.

  1. Children

12.1 We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13. If you become aware that a child has provided us with personal information without parental consent, please contact us through our Support Team. If we become aware that a child under 13 has provided us with personal information without parental consent, we will do what it takes to remove the information and delete the child’s account.

  1. Country-specific information

13.1 You may choose not to provide the Karma Runner with your Personal Information. But if you choose not to provide your Personal Information, you may not enjoy the full range of App.

13.2 Karma Runner ensures the updating of your Personal Information. If you live in the European Economic Area, you can request access to and modification, opposition and deletion of the Personal Information we have collected about you. In order to access your Personal Information, please contact us through our Support Team or at the address below. Subject to applicable law, we may charge for this service and will respond to reasonable requests as soon as possible, and in any event within the time limits prescribed by law

  1. Third parties we do not own or control

14.1 Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply practice for companies we do not own or control, or people we do not employ or manage. For example, if you download one of our applications on your smartphone, the manufacturer of the smartphone have a policy governing its own practice of collecting information through the smartphone. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of each device site and service you use.

  1. How to contact us

15.1 If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the way we handle your personal information on, please write to us at: Karma Runner ApS, email: [email protected] Adress: Havnegade 4, 5000 Odense C, Denmark.

  1. Updates to the Privacy Policy

We may update this privacy policy from time to time without prior notice. You can see when this Policy was last revised by checking the Effective Date. We recommend that you periodically review this Privacy Policy to be sure you understand our privacy practices. If you have a registered account, we can notify you about changes to our privacy policy by email, and we may ask you to confirm, acknowledge and consent of the changes the next time you use our App.